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We produce overhead transparencies (also known as foils, vu graphs, or vuegraphs) from these popular PC programs: Powerpoint, CorelDRAW!, Corel PhotoPaint, the GIMP, Greetings99, InDesign, Pagemaker, Harvard Graphics, Freelance Graphics, Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000, Arts and Letters, Micrografx Designer, Micrografx Picture Publisher, ABC FlowCharter, Corel/Word Perfect Presentations, Corel Ventura, Photoshop, Photostyler, Draw Perfect, Persuasion, Illustrator, FreeHand, Lotus 1-2-3, Quattro Pro, Excel, Microsoft Publisher, Star Office Presentations, Bravo, Visio, PhotoFinish, Serif Page Plus, Serif Draw Plus, Pixie, and Mirage, as well as from Tiff, Targa, and Jpeg files. We can convert other file types and make overhead transparencies from them, too; contact us for details.

Overhead transparencies are produced directly from computer graphics files on our Xerox Phaser 8560 printer. This printer is specifically designed to produce the best overhead transparencies - sharp, clear colors, and very quickly. These overheads are not affected by water, unlike ink-jet overheads. (We can scan a print or a 35mm slide or 35mm negative to produce a computer file, and thus make an overhead transparency from a camera-original photo also.) The price of overheads varies with the quantity of images and number of overheads produced of each image. Small orders of overheads are $5.50 each, including heavy-duty cardboard mounts. Orders for hundreds of overhead transparencies, unmounted, can be produced for as little as $1.25 each. Standard production time for overhead transparencies is three business days; two-business-day service is 50% additional; one-business-day service is 100% additional; and same-day service is 200% additional. There is a $4.50 handling charge on every order.

When you set up your overhead transparencies, choose a page size of 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Remember that our printer leaves about one-quarter inch of unprinted area on each of the four sides. However, if you want your overheads mounted, we can use either of two size mounts: 7.5 x 9.5 inch opening (standard) or 6.125 x 9.125 inch opening (35mm slide shape). Design your graphics to fit one of these apertures. Sleeving in plastic sheets which fit three-ring binders is also available. Also, make sure you let us know the fonts you used, unless you only use the standard fonts we always have available.

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Photographic Specialties is no longer producing slides and transparencies. I have been self-employed for 35 years, but looking forward to retirement since my wife died five years ago. With the decline of conventional photography and the recent recession, the availability of film and chemicals as well as the volume of work has declined to such an extent that it is no longer possible to have fresh chemicals to develop film. I hope that if you still need conventional slides and transparencies, you will be able to find someone who can produce them for you. Thank you for your orders over the years.

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