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This puzzle is a picture.

Have some fun with this little photo and computer word puzzle by printing it out and finding all the words. There is no prize for the most words found, but when we sent this to all of our customers by snail mail, we did offer a prize.

Across Clues
6. the field in which we are experts
8. a popular background color for slides
11. a type of disk
15. a type of projector for computers
16. a device to enter words into a computer
18. puts photos into a computer
21. do not do this to your negatives
22. a high-end scanner wraps film around this
24. the device piggybacked to your modem
26. part of our name
27. one of the items we produce
28. we do this to a program when you need slides
29. a nice color
30. a type of network
32. the language used to write web pages
34. the type of ink we use to print overheads
38. our speed
41. a word to describe our service
42. used to develop film
44. a type of bitmap file
45. something round that you never see
46. a picture element
47. a type of computer once very new
51. a measure of the difference between blacks and whites
52. something every type of camera needs
53. a measure of contrast

Down Clues
1. the method your monitor uses to display pictures
2. useful to find a file on your disks
3. where your information is stored
4. a method of compressing files
5. a word which excites computer users
7. an image which is not black and white
8. a measure of memory
9. Microsoft's new word for a directory
10. a flat screen display
12. a type of computer
13. a word often followed by "95"
14. a catchy word Iomega invented
17. an image not composed of vectors is a
18. a type of memory module
19. someone who knows exactly how to do something
20. a type of software used to surf the web
22. the place your files are stored
23. we put a slide in this
24. images on paper
25. the largest on-line service
28. a type of memory
30. very useful but invisible
31. our internet address
33. black powder used by printers
35. a type of printer
36. a word which helps to describe a color
37. what our slide mounts are made from
38. a way of sending communications
39. a common element used in circuits
40. a fast way to send a message
42. describes what you should do to your spelling
43. a 1ight used by photographers
48. a method of getting pictures into a computer
49. a credit card we honor
50. charge coupled device

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Photographic Specialties is no longer producing slides and transparencies. I have been self-employed for 35 years, but looking forward to retirement since my wife died five years ago. With the decline of conventional photography and the recent recession, the availability of film and chemicals as well as the volume of work has declined to such an extent that it is no longer possible to have fresh chemicals to develop film. I hope that if you still need conventional slides and transparencies, you will be able to find someone who can produce them for you. Thank you for your orders over the years.

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