35mm slides, overhead transparencies


ACE - All Camera Equipment, retailers, photo labs, repairs, manufacturers, magazines...

Adobe - Producer of software such as Photoshop, Acrobat, Illustrator...

Adaptec - SCSI adapters

Alps - A Japanese electronic company which produces printers

Altamira - Producers of Genuine Fractals software

American Express - Credit card and travel site

The Animal Mummy Project - A photo site about ancient Egyptian mummification of animals at the Cairo Museum

Apple Computer - Macintosh and related items

B&H Photo-Video - The world's largest dealer of imaging equipment at discount prices

Birmy Graphics - PowerRIP 2000 software PostScript Level 3 RIP

Brightscreen - Focusing screens for cameras

Business Software Alliance - The voice of companies developing software and a place to report software piracy

Canon USA, Inc. - Cameras, camcorders, binoculars, office solutions...

Cartesia Software - Publishes a line of digital maps for graphic design

Colorspan - Wide format inkjet printers

Colllege of William and Mary - A good school for learning about computer science

Compaq Computers - Products, support, solutions, and services

Comstock - Royalty-free images for sale

Copyright website - This site tries to provide practical and relevant copyright information

Corel - Producers of drawing and presentation software as well as Linux OS and stock photo CD's

c|net online - Hardware and software reviews, tech news, auctions, web services, finance and investing, free downloads

DataViz - Software producer

Deneba - Software producer

Digital Graffiti - Software producer

Digital Wisdom - Map Software producer

Discover Card - credit card company

Easy Photo, Inc. - a search engine for photo stuff

Encad - Kodak printer division

Electronic Telegraph Newspaper (UK) - current news from UK

Epson - Printers and scanners

Equilibrium - Automated imaging solutions

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America - ELCA information

Extensis - Software producers

Fedex - Fedex shipping information for USA

Film Rescue International - Processers of old, outdated films

Fuji - a film and camera manufacturer

Graphx - a software producer

Hemera Technologies - Digital image software producer

HighSoft - a software producer

HTML Quick Reference - questions concerning HTML coding

Imation - disc and memory card producer

Innovation Multimedia "Ad Art" Software - innovative clip art

Iomega - manufacturer of Zip drives

Kodak - leading film and camera manufacturer

LaCie - manufacturer of storage devices

Lasergraphics - manufacturer of film recorders

LIPA - The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

Loersch Corp. - manufacturers of slide mounts and equipment

Macromedia - a software producer

Mastercard - a credit card company

Maxell - disc manufacturer

Meeting Expectations - Event Planning & Conference / Association Management - Meeting Expectations is a full service association management, event marketing, and conference and trade show planning company.

MetaCreations - a software producer recently bought out

Microsoft - a famous software developer

Microtek - manufacturer of high quality scanners

MIT Community Home Pages - Users Names

Netscape - developer of a great browser

Nikon USA - manufacturer of high quality photographic equipment

PC Magazine on the Web - a great computer magazine and resource

Philadelphia, Pa. Inquirer Newspaper - Philadelphia, PA newspaper

PhotoDisc - source for stock photos

PresentationPro - Powerpoint help

PhotoGraphic Specialties Homepage - ezslides.com homepage

Pixel Interconnect - Optical networking, flat panel displays and semiconductor packaging

Porter's Camera Store - source for hard-to-find photo items

Presenters Online - site devoted to multimedia information

Saint Paul's Lutheran Church - located in Telford, PA

Screen Beans clip art - look here for clip art

shareware.com,the Most Popular Shareware - look here for shareware software

SmartDraw - draw anything easily - the internet's #1 drawing tool - download it free

Superdups - CD and DVD duplication

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans - a financial advice and investment site

The TIME at the Tone... - a great way to tell the time

Typesetting,Ink "Lots-O-Logos" Software - clipart collection of logos for sale

Ultimatte - famous for bluescreen compositing

United Parcel Service - a popular shipping company

United States Postal Service - the US Mail

ViaGrafix - courses on learing various software

Viewsonic - monitor manufacturers

VISA - a favorite ceditcard company

Wacom digitizing tablets - digitizing tablets for computers

Windows 32-bit Shareware - a great shareware site for downloads

Winzip - get the best zipping software here

World Wide Web Consortium - information about the world-wide-web

Xaos Tools - Adobe Photoshop compatible plug-in filters

Tektronix/Xerox printers - printers for home and office

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