35mm slides, overhead transparencies


Digital Color Negatives

35mm negatives are imaged at 8K, or 8192 pixels across the long dimension by extremely sharp film recorders, unless you request 4K imaging. Our Lasergraphics film recorders are designed for 8K (8192 pixels) imaging on negative film; most service bureaus use film recorders designed for 4K imaging on slide film, and the sharper negatives we produce will make competitors' negatives look a bit less sharp.


Your cost per 35mm negative is determined by how many negatives we make for you and the resolution of the negatives. We produce negatives from digital camera files as well as presentation software. 35mm negatives from digital files will be returned to you in strips of four or five negatives.

We use Kodak 100 speed color negative film for all negatives, color or black-and-white. These negatives can be printed anywhere color prints are available, but if your images are b&w, depending on the company chosen to make your prints, you may see a slight color cast from the color dyes in the paper.

2 Full Day Production Service:

Conventional B&W Negatives

If you need black and white negatives from slides rather than digital files, we can make fine-grain panchromatic b&w internegatives which cost $3.00 each for the first ten, and $1.50 each thereafter. Prints are readily available from any processing lab in your area once you have the negative, although you may have to specify that they print on b&w paper. Two-day service is standard.

Production of these items has ended. This page is for information only. Photographic Specialties is no longer producing slides and transparencies. I have been self-employed for 35 years, but looking forward to retirement since my wife died five years ago. With the decline of conventional photography and the recent recession, the availability of film and chemicals as well as the volume of work has declined to such an extent that it is no longer possible to have fresh chemicals to develop film. I hope that if you still need conventional slides and transparencies, you will be able to find someone who can produce them for you. Thank you for your orders over the years.

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